Vessel Management & Compliance In the palm of your hands

Designed for small commercial boat operators to run digital safety management onboard to enable full vessel compliance and maintenance.


Seamlessly Integrated Solutions for Onshore and Onboard Operations

Step into the future of maritime management with our cutting-edge solution. Our web application serves as the nerve center for onshore operations, providing a comprehensive dashboard for fleet and crew management. Meanwhile, our mobile app, designed specifically for onboard use, equips crew members with essential tools for communication, task management, and real-time data access. Seamlessly integrated, our platform ensures efficient coordination between onshore and onboard teams, optimizing performance and safety across your entire fleet.


Enhancing Safety Operations: Our Commitment to Maritime Excellence

Experience a new level of safety excellence with our advanced fleet and crew management solution. Harness the power of real-time data analytics to proactively identify potential safety risks and implement preventive measures. Our platform facilitates seamless communication between onshore and onboard teams, enabling swift coordination during emergencies and ensuring the prompt execution of safety protocols. With customizable features and automated alerts, you can uphold the highest safety standards across all aspects of your maritime operations, protecting your crew and assets with confidence.


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We are extremely happy with the product and know that it will make a big difference in the way we manage our fleet. The ability to communicate seamlessly between the office and the vessels, across all technical and documentation levels, is already making a huge difference.'.
Shaun Mansbridge Compliance Manager at Williams Shipping Marine Ltd